2012-2013 Officers and Directors

President Jonathan Crooks
Email: president@roswelllions.org
Home Phone:(770) 841-8686

1st Vice President Phil Farias, MJF
Email: firstvp@roswelllions.org
Home Phone:(770) 992-4699
Work Phone: (404) 625-4740

2nd Vice President Mike Henleben
Email: secondvp@roswelllions.org
Home Phone: (678) 591-8675

3rd Vice President Diane French
Email: thirdvp@roswelllions.org
Home Phone:

Secretary Cheryl Henleben
Email: secretary@roswelllions.org
Home Phone:(678) 566-3525
Work Phone: (678) 591-8675

Treasurer Chris Wong
Email: treasurer@roswelllions.org
Home Phone:(770) 641-9143

Membership Committee
Membership Jeffrey Hammen, MJF (Chairperson)
Email: membership@roswelllions.org

Extension –  Jeffrey Hammen, MJF
Email: extension@roswelllions.org

Retention –     Jeffrey Hammen, MJF
Email: retention@roswelllions.org
Home Phone:(770) 992-6382 Work Phone:(770) 856-2595

Lion Tamer Vince Kartley, MJF
Email: liontamer@roswelllions.org
Home Phone: (770) 490.9822
Work Phone: (404) 658-2236

Tail Twister Linda Spudic
Email: tailtwister@roswelllions.org
Home Phone: (770) 645-1327

Board of Directors
1st Year Director Bill Parsons, MJF
Email: director1@roswelllions.org
Home Phone:(770) 641-9143

1st Year Director Earl Ake, MJF, Life
Email: director2@roswelllions.org
Home Phone:(678) 773-3676

2nd Year Director Jerry Bramblett, MJF
Email: director3@roswelllions.org
Home Phone:

2nd Director Year Jeff Pearson
Email: director4@roswelllions.org
Home Phone:

Immediate Past President Tim Dunn, MJF
Email: pastpresident@roswelllions.org
Home Phone:(770) 998-5568
Work Phone:(678) 427-2640

Newsletter Editor Linda Spudic
Email: editor@roswelllions.org
Home Phone: (770) 645-1327

Webmaster Jeffrey Hammen, MJF
Email: webmaster@roswelllions.org
Home Phone:(770) 992-6382
Work Phone:(770) 856-2595

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