The Next Georgia Ensemble Theater Lions Night Out – January 7, 2014 – “The Only Light in Reno”

World Premiere Comedy
By Topher Payne
January 9 – 26, 2014

GET audiences’ favorite Atlanta playwright is back fast on the heels of his successes here with Tokens of Affection and Swell Party. This brand new play is set in Reno in August of 1960. It is 106 degrees outside. Filming on “The Misfits” is hopelessly behind schedule, with no end in sight. The Sierra Mountains are on fire, and Reno is in total blackout. Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift are playing board games with an accused murderess, and Marilyn Monroe is locked in the bathroom. The hilarious story of when Hollywood came to The Biggest Little City in the World, and everything went up in flames. “Payne is a super-talented writer – he’s proved himself time and again.” –

This event continues to be a success for us. Tickets are available for $10 each. We usually have a  limited number of tickets, so it’s wise to make your reservations early. You can call or email Lion Past President Jonathan at: jonathancrooks@​ or 770.993.2397.

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