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Life Time Achievement Award – Roswell Lions Club

During the summer of 2014, the Roswell Lions Club Board of Directors debated the idea of establishing a Club Life Time Achievement Award. It was felt by the Board that, although there were awards that had been established at the District level for achievement, our own Club had never establish an award that would be aimed solely at members at a Club level. It was felt that there were members who had made a conscious decision to put forth their energies into community service at a Club level, who did not necessarily work at a District level or above.

Therefore, the Roswell Lions Club Board of Directors unanimously voted to establish a Life Time Achievement Award. Potential recipients are reviewed by the Board of Directors on a periodic basis and voted. Recipients are presented with a plaque and their names are included on the Club Life Time Achievement Award plaque, which is maintained by the Club’s Lion Tamer.

Recipients must demonstrate life long commitment to the values and be dedicated to work within the local community, while always exemplifying the Lion’s Motto, “We Serve” to its highest level. To date, four Roswell Lions Club members have been voted to this Achievement Award level. Lion Doris Westbrook, Lion Milt Brand, Lion Robby Robinson and, posthumously, Lion Earl Ake.

May 2016                 Lion Robby Robinson, MJF

December 2015      Lion Milt Brand, MJF, MJFP

May 2014                Lion Doris Westbrook, MJF

December 2014     Lion Earl Ake, MJF


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