Melvin Jones Fellows

The Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) recognizes donations of US$1,000. It is the backbone of LCIF, providing 75 percent of the foundation’s revenue. As recognition of humanitarian work, an MJF is an honor presented to those who donate US$1,000 to LCIF or to people for whom a donation was made by others. Visit LCIF site

Contributions can be made by individuals (including non-Lions), clubs or districts. Donations may be in one sum, or in installments of a minimum of US$100 over a five-year period. Melvin Jones Fellows receive an attractive lapel pin, a plaque and a congratulatory letter.

It is possible to make a donation and choose the MJF recipient later. Write “Melvin Jones Fellow to be named later” on the check or bank draft. When an individual’s or group’s personal donation(s) are accumulated for a club’s or district’s use to select a Melvin Jones Fellowship recipient, LCIF needs the signed consent. Please include such documentation with the completed MJF application that is sent to LCIF Donor Services.

MJF Facts
•The Fellowship was established in 1973 and the Progressive program began in 1986 in response to Lions’ request for a way to extend their commitment to LCIF.
•Donations through MJFs provide 75 percent of the Foundation’s annual revenue.
•There are 100 levels in the PMJF program.
•Most of the funds raised during Campaign SightFirst and Campaign SightFirst II were through MJF donations.
•As of October 2011, there are 329,896 MJFs and 61,062 PMJFs worldwide.
•All MJFs are invited to the annual luncheon held at the convention (ticket purchase required). The MJF luncheon began in 1984 and has been held at each convention since then.
•The names of MJFs are displayed on a computer in the LCIF Room at the International Headquarters.

Roswell Lions Club Melvin Jones Fellows

It is the tradition of the Roswell Lions Club to annually select one more Lions to be recognized as a Melvin Jones Fellow for their contribution to our club and the community. Those Melvin Jones Fellows who have been honored by the club are listed in bold.

1991               Clifford Vaughan#,  Milt Brand (Progressive MJF – 2 Diamond)#
1994               Earl Ake#
1996               Joseph B. Corder#
1997               John D. Baird#
1998              Charles J. Coley#
2000             Lewis Mason#
2001              Robby Robinson*, Doris Westbrook*
2002             Charles Caudell#
2003             Virgil Ladson*
2004             Larry Zacharchuk*
2005             Phil Farias*
2006            Troy Holman*, Alan Bethel
2007            William Parsons, Jr.*,   Frank Toler#
2008           Jeffrey Hammen*,  Pat Welden#
2009           Jerry Bramblett*
2010            Robert Joe#,  Carole Bethel
2011             Vince Kartley*, Fran Farias*
2012             Tim Dunn*
2013             Linda Spudic*
2014             Jonathan Crooks*,  Chris Wong*
2015             Michael Henleben*
2016             Ross Thomas*
2017             Cheryl Henleben*
2018             Tom Spudic*
2019             Barbara May*

# – deceased        *=current member

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