Membership in a Lions Club is by invitation only.  Lions Club members are a diverse group of people who are active in the community, bonded together in the belief that they can make a difference in helping their neighbors see and hear clearly.  The Lions are looking for like minded people who want to make a difference in the community.  Who can overcome barriers of race, gender, and creed to work together for the betterment of all.

Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service organization with over 1.35 million members in 206 countries and geographic areas and we are looking for service minded people to help with our causes.  If you are interested in joining a Lions Club ask around.  Chances are some of your friends at church, school, synagogue or work may be Lions.  Just let them know about your interest, they’ll be glad to invite you to a meeting.

Most cities and towns have road side signs with meeting location and time posted.  We are always happy to receive visitors.  This web site represents just one of several clubs in North Georgia.

Please contact us if you wish to visit one of our meetings.

Membership Committee 2019-2020:

Lion Kathy Bush, Chairperson, Membership, Extension & Retention
Cell Phone: (912) 429-6529
Download a Membership Application

Lion Kathy Bush, Extension
Cell Phone: (912) 429-6529

Lion Kathy Bush, Retention
Cell Phone: (912) 429-6529

Email us at or by mail at:

Roswell Lions Club
P.O. Box 860
Roswell, Georgia 30077

Please visit the District 18-L Web Page for the location of a Lions Club in North Georgia or for a Lions Club near you.

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  1. avatar alida farmer says:

    Do you have an eyeglass donation bin? If so, where?

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